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Amerifab is available 24/7, 365 days a year to meet your customers emergency needs for plant shutdowns, critical repairs, or job deadlines. Our sales/fabrication/shipping departments are ready to get your job done, including fast and accurate quotes....

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We manufacture all parts at our facility with a strict adherence to the highest of standards. We continue to make improvements in our manufacturing processes to better meet our customers' needs.

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From Custom Bolts to Pump Shaft Sleeves

We manufacture Bolt and sleeves to match if you need specialized Bolts and Sleeves we can Machine them for you!

Custom Bolts and Sleeves

Need a Dumbbell Shaped Shaft we Have done that!

Custom Shafts

Custom Nuts for all Applications

What Size Do you need? We can make it Right to your Specifications!

Custom Nuts

Nut Manufactuing

Multi Size Pulley? We can make them for you to fit any Application or Shaft size.


Custom Pully

We make Custom Nuts and Bolts for the Gas Industry

We Can Make whatever style of nuts and Bolts for any Industry

Nuts and Bolts for the Gas Ind

Custom Milling work Of any type.

If you just need Wrench Flats spots on your threaded rod we can do it! High or Low Quantities we have the manpower to meet your needs!Custom Milling

Custom Turning work

No Matter what you need turned we can do it!

Custom Turning

Custom Take Up Nuts

We make Custom Take Up Nuts for any Application!Take Up Nuts

Custom Bolts and Studs of all kinds

Check out these Double End Studs! and Fitted Bolts


DE Studs

Aftermarket Pump Shafts and Shaft Housings

Large or Small we Can make them!

Custom Shafts and Guides


Large Pump Shafts

Sump Pump Shaft Housings

Pump Shaft

Custom Shafts

Custom Shafts of All Sizes



This is just A Few of the 1000's Projects we do every Year!

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Your Source For Complete Machine and Fabrication Services

We Ship Anywhere in The US.

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